It's time to introduce Team Travel ESN UJ!

Krakow is an ideal city, because not only rich in attractions, but also a city from which it is close to almost everywhere - to mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, to landscape and national parks, and in the era of airplanes and free travel also to every European country! We try to show to Erasmus students the most beautiful and popular corners of our country. "Destination is never a new place, but a new perspective", so our mission is to enable incoming students to gain new perspectives and create a chance for great fun in a great company! We organize trips to places of historical importance, such as Auschwitz or Wieliczka, but also to visit interesting places and try the life of cities such as Wrocław or Gdańsk, trying your hand at skiing in the Polish mountains or relaxing in Budapest thermal baths. Do you have a lot of ideas for travel? In your free time you wander your finger on the map? Does meeting new people make you feel like the happiest person in the world? You are the (wo)man for the job!heart