Skills & Employability

Under this concept are all the features and skills that are crucial in finding a job and maintaining it. It is also awareness and the ability to set clear, realistic goals in a career, all to be satisfied with your profession.

How is it that volunteers from our organization work, study and, in addition, spend all their free time in ESN? Each of us develops in the organization both individually and in groups. We shape the skills of resource management, above all the ability to effectively manage yourself in time. We work in a dynamic, young team with a diverse cultural and social background. Sounds like a job offer? That's how I would describe nothing but ESN!

Our organization sets the same work requirements for us as many companies. As a result, our members are better prepared to undertake full-time work. What's more, they are aware of their competences and are not afraid to talk about their requirements as to the employer. ESN shapes the skills necessary to take up key positions in companies or to take on challenges such as running your own business.

It's easy, ESN teaches us a lot, it's time to share it with the rest of the world.

The ESN program implemented as part of Skills & Employability:

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