“Orientation week” is an incredible welcome week, specially prepared for Erasmus exchange students coming to Poland. It is organized by ESN UJ Kraków, and the purpose of this event is to help them to find their place in the city through a series of events and activities.


These seven wonderful days started on the 29th of September in Collegium Novum's auditorium hall. Exchange students were welcomed during the “Welcome Meeting”  where ESN members presented them with organisational information concerning studying at the Jagiellonian University and the work of ESN UJ Krakow. Later, during the “City Game”, they got to know the city in an unusual way. They received some tasks to complete, divided into small groups, which was ultimately not only a lot of fun, but also introduced some practical information about the city. “Beer Corner” facilitated making new friendships just before the “Introduction Party”.


The Old Town Tour and Kazimierz Tour were prepared for the 2nd and the 3rd day of Orientation Week. Thursday evening ESN UJ hosted the “Eurodinner” where everybody had the opportunity to taste local and foreign dishes, and after that play several games on x-box or even sing “Zombie” by The Cranberries during the “Games Night”. Later, on Wednesday students could participate in “Laser Tag” and a lecture called “Drinking Behaviour”. Just after that the “Pub Crawl” began, and many students were very delighted to taste so many types of alcohol one night ;)


The next day (with a little headache) there was a “Library Lecture” for those who were curious about using the Jagiellonian Library, and for the afternoon ESN had prepared a go-kart race. At 8 PM Erasmus students started the “Tram Party” that brought them to the one of the biggest parties this year - “BRING THE MADNESS” in Fabryka Club. Amazing outfits, lots of confetti and water-guns are just a few of the attractions that hundreds of people faced in the club.


A little bit of adrenaline-pumping terror from the scariest of movies could be found on Friday in an interactive museum called “Lost Souls Alley”. Some relaxation after this ordeal was ensured during the Aquapark outing, and next – in ARS Cinema during the “Cinema Night”.


In the end of “Orientation Week” ESN UJ Krakow organised the Zakopane Trip, complete with a visit to the thermal pools in Białka Tatrzańska.

Lots of fun, events and incredible emotions will bring on unforgettable memories for a very long time.



by  Wojciech Sroka