Is there a better way to get to know the polish culture than looking back to the good old times? And what is a better option to actually go back in time, than visiting museums?!

That one time ESN UJ decided to make a project, and it was a big one. Because why visit one museum when you can have a WHOLE MONTHE of museum visits?

We organized five museum trips for Erasmus students as we chose the most interesting and important (in our opinion) Krakow’s museums – PRL Museum, MOCAK, Schindler’s Factory, Collegium Maius and Rynek Underground. Thanks to International Students Mobility Office support, all trips were free of charge!

Erasmus people had an unique opportunity to see the city under the city, check out how it was during communism in Poland or get to know how one extraordinary man changed polish history! After all these trips we are more than sure that our international students have just became a little bit more polish!

17.11 – PRL Museum 
For some of you the concept of communism might be a distant notion, but for us Poles it used to be an everyday reality for half a century. It is a moment in the history of this country that shaped it and the remnants of this period still permeate many cities in Poland. To understand the absurdities of Polish People's Republic do not hesitate to join the trip!

24.11 – MOCAK 
Everyone has their artistic side and the visit to this museum will just assure you that you don't have to be an art student or an art connesseur to enjoy contemporary art. It is going to be a real feast for your eyes and no one should go around being hungry :)

Even though Cracow definitely has a great future ahead, yet its history still remains fascinating! Heroic actions of an extraordinary man, Oskar Schindler, will forever be a part of this history. The visit to this musuem is a very strong experience that will leave a man wondering how some people can be so evil and at the same time strengthen his faith in humanity that there are still heroes in this world. 

Many of you have requested to create one more trip to this museum, as during the Orientation Week not all of you managed to sign up for it. No problem! You want it, we make it happen :) If you are a student of the Jagiellonian University it is impossible not to go to the oldest building of the University. Cunningly hidden on St. Anne Street, a regular tourist might miss this marvelous building, where history and tradition permeate the air. Professor's Common Room, Assembly Hall and the Old Library Chamber are just some of the attractions that it offers. 

Did you know that there is a city under the city? From 2005 there have been excavation works in the Main Square and half of it was closed for five years! This museum is a must see to understand the connection between Cracow and other European cities and its role in the history of Poland. Next time you will be crossing the Market Square to go to a party you will literally feel the history under your feet!

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