Dear Erasmus Students! 

You'll be arriving in Krakow soon and you most probably are wondering how you will manage in a new, unknown city. That’s why each year ESN recruits a number of volunteers to assist the exchange students in Krakow.

Whenever you need help in finding accommodation, traveling across the city, contacting the authorities, healthcare service or in any other number of situations a volunteer called ‘Mentor’ can help you!

Mentors are regular students of the Jagiellonian University who wish to meet international students and are willing to spend time with you and help you meet new people during your Erasmus exchange. This is a great opportunity to meet students from our university and gain a friendly person who can guide you through the difficulties you encounter in a new pleace and culture. 

To take part in this program, you simply fill out the form:

See you all in Kraków!
ESN UJ team


In case of any questions, write an e-mail: