Our last, but not least event that we've prepared for you this week!

SocialErasmus Team Krakow united and ExchangeAbility Team Krakow united want to invite you for this extraordinary event! 

Have you ever wondered, how it feels not to be able to use your eyes? Join us on our trip to Sukiennice Muzeum, so you can try it.

You will be paired - one of you will have shawl on the eyes, the second person will try to guide you, describe you what is on the paintings and the exhibitions. Then you take the shawl off and try to compare what you have heard with what you see now - in the next hall you change :)

MEETING POINT: Adam Mickiewicz statue at Main Square
TIME: 14:00 on Sunday, 9.04

Let us know that you want to go, by filling up this form:

ESN AGH - Justyna Plich
ESN PK - Janusz Jerzy Mączka
ESN UEK - Agnieszka Mach
ESN UJ - Piotr Kotkowski

09/04/2017 - 14:00