Hey guys! On Tuesday we will show everyone, that even if we look differently we are the same in the inside!

We are global citizens and we'll be on the Main Square to prove it! Though we do not have the same appearance, we will bring canvas and some paint to make one and only piece of work including only our handprints!

Let's make it happen, you can't be somewhere else this day!

WHAT: Unity in diversity
WHEN: 04.04, 14:30
WHERE: Main Square, next to Adam Mickiewicz Monument

Let us know that you want to participate by filling up this form:

In case of any questions please contact with:
ESN UEK - Agnieszka Mach
ESN UJ - Piotr Kotkowski
ESN AGH - Justyna Plich
ESN PK - Janusz Jerzy Mączka

04/04/2017 - 14:30 to 17:00