WHEN: 3 - 9.04
WHERE: in Krakow
WHY: To leave your mark!

ESN Krakow United invites you to join our SocialErasmus Week!
This week in all Europe young people show how student mobility is enriched by volunteering and how easily we can make a difference in society.

Check what we prepared for you in the schedule below:

4.04 “Unity in Diversity”

5.04 “Day Care Erasmus” (comming soon)

7 - 8.04 “Erasmus Hall”

9.04 “You don’t need eyes to see”

3- 9.04 
WHOLE WEEK “Spread Happiness” (comming soon)

ESN AGH - Justyna Plich
ESN PK - Janusz Jerzy Mączka
ESN UEK - Agnieszka Mach
ESN UJ - Piotr Kotkowski

#SocialErasmus #SocialErasmusWeek #THISisESN

03/04/2017 to 09/04/2017