Do you know what’s the most common connotation of the word ‘Poland’?
If your answer was ‘pierogi’ - you’re right!

If you want to try some Slavic yumminess (not only Polish obviously) - we got you covered with our event!

The idea of Eurodinner is to bring some food you like and share it with others. Because this time we want you to relish Slavic cuisine, it will be awesome if you bring something... Slavic.
If you come from a Slavic country it would be great if you bring something typical for your culture for others to try, if not - you’ve been in Poland for long enough to know how to prepare something Polish...or at least where to buy it!


WHAT: Slavic Eurodinner
WHEN: 12.11.19 (Tuesday) at 8PM
WHERE: B4 Bracka 4
HOW MUCH: FREE if you bring any food (snacks don’t count) 20 PLN paid at the entrance (if you don’t bring food, but we really recommend preparing something, because obviously – the more food, the better!)

Come with some food to chill and talk with your friends!

12/11/2019 - 20:00