Do you like challanges? Should I even ask? You have already taken your biggest dare by going for an exchange. So... why not continuing like this?

Getting an Erasmus experience is not something you can have without taking an action. You have to use all your senses to see, smell, touch, hear and taste everything that sorrounds you.
How? It is simple. I dare you to do the tasks listed below. Do as much as you can, send the prove (picture) on or tag esnuj on your Instagram. 3 people that will have the task done, will win a prize (shh, for now is a secret!) Don’t stress, you have one week!
1. Try an obwarzanek- picture
2. Picture with a dragon (near Wawel castle)
3. Make your way through kładka Bernatka bridge.
4. Try an oscypek (special smoked cheese made in Tatra mountains)
5. Go and see Stara Synagoga on Kazimierz (typical jewish district in Cracow)
6. Go to Cmentarz Rakowicki (famous cemetary where polish famous artists are buried). You can also lighten up a candle.
7. Picture with Wisla river.
8. Find the bones of the dragon in Wawel Cathedral
9. Mentor recommendation- ask your mentor what is his/her favourite place in Cracow. If you don’t have a mentor, just choose your favourite place.
10. Try zapiekanki on Kazimierz (Plac Nowy).
11. Find a biiig head (with a big mask) on the mainsquare.
12. Take a pic with a bear in Park Jordana
13. Find a knife changed somewhere near Sukiennice.
Good luck!heart

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