Hello World Explorers! 
Are you ready for an adventure? The best trip of your Erasmus is coming! This time we prepared for you a sailing trip - which means: sailing, swimming in the lakes, sleeping on the boats, singing shanties, and exploring wild islands - like the real sailors! And everything in the most beautiful and wild region of Poland - the lake land "Mazury".

WHEN? 19-21.05.2017 (we're going to leave Kraków in the late evening on Friday in order to get there by Saturday morning and come back on Sunday night) 
WHERE? Meeting point at 23.00 19th May on Matejko Square
HOW MUCH? 280 PLN with ESNcard, 300 PLN without ESNcard*

*the price includes: transportation, 2 days of sailing in Mazury, accommodation (on the boat), harbour fee, helmsmans, party in harbour and insurance

23.00 (19.05.2017) Meeting Point at Matejko Square
8.00 (20.05.2017) Arrivial to Giżycko
9.00 - 19.00 Sailing, chilling and exploring the Land of Lakes!
19.00 - Free Time in Harbour 
20.00 - Sailor's Party at Harbour!

9.00 Wake Up and Free Time inHarbour (for washing, breakfast etc)
10.30-18.00 Another day of sailing, chilling and exploring the Land of Lakes!
19.00 - Departure To Kraków
4.00 - Arrivial to Kraków

REGISTRATION: ESN Office,Collegium Novum, ul. Gołębia 24, from Monday to Thursday during opening hours

In case of question, don't hestitate to ask ESN guys:
Klaudia Gwiżdż - Travel Coordinator
Misia Borkowska 
Anna Karcz
Ola Rymaszewska

See you soon! 
Your devoted ESN UJ Travel Team ♥

19/05/2017 to 21/05/2017