Guys, this is the best party you have ever seen in your lives!
This is an amazing idea of partying!

ESNcard bargains are available at restaurants and bars...but ESNcard organises this party too!
Combined efforts of ESN ASP, ESN AGH, ESN PK, ESN UEK & ESN UJ created Kraków United, which invites you to enjoy the show at Forty Kleparz!
This magic cooperation of ESNers from all over the Cracow and Erasmus people is going to make you dance and enjoy the fiesta!

Be ready for some great competitions till the 30th of March! You can win great gifts – just stay tuned!

WHERE: Forty Kleparz, ul. Kamienna 2
WHEN: 30.03, start – 21.00
TICKETS: 10zł with ESNcard, 20 without (available from 20.03 at ESN offices)
PRICES: beer – 7zł, shot of vodka (40ml) – 7zł, drink - 10zł

You have to be there. 
What a party it's going to be!
30/03/2017 - 21:00