After the time you’ve already spent in Poland, you probably have some knowledge about our culture – how much we can drink or how often we eat “dinner” – but there is one important thing missing…
This time ESN UJ wants to invite you for an incredible experience that will allow you to feel the true Polish spirit… POLISH WEDDING PARTY!

WHAT: Polish Wedding Party
WHEN: 12.04.2017 (Wednesday)
WHAT TIME: 20.00
WHERE: Żaczek Club
PRICE: 45 PLN (alcohol and dinner included)
DRESSCODE: smart & elegant

For most of people, wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and for Polish people it’s even more. We not only celebrate it with our families – we usually throw big parties during which we eat, drink, play traditional games and dance all night long!
On Wednesday, 12.04 we invite you all to Żaczek Club in order to experience this event full of happiness and fun on your own! 
We will start at 20.00 with traditional Polish wedding opening and after that we will raise a toast for a wedding couple and then we will enjoy a warm meal! Please be on time so you won’t miss anything of this amazing event!

The dinner options available are:
1. Meat option – chicken soup, pork schnitzel, potatoes, mix of salads
2. Vegetarian option – tomato soup, tagliatelle with spinach and rucola
We have prepared a lot of games for you that night, so get yourself some fancy clothes and… let the wedding march play!
Please note that the number of invitations is limited so don’t wait till the last minute and put yourself on the list as soon as possible!

12/04/2017 - 20:00