Do you want to experience something extraordinary? Do you feel like nothing can surprise you? If your answear is YES then you need to join us during the next TANDEM meeting! This time we'll take you to another World, the World of senses where you'll have an opportunity to see that communication barriers exsist only in your head. 
To make this evening unforgettable we prepared for you two activities:
MEETING IN THE DARK - close your eyes, cover them with the ribbon and don't judge, just let yourself meet others without prejudices
BRAILLE ALPHABET - get some superpower, try to read in Braille! first 8 superheroes get FREE BEER!
Sounds intriguing? Come, join us and check it out!

About Tandems:
When? – every Monday – 8.30 p.m.
Where? – Klub Pod Jaszczurami
How much? – obviously FOR FREE

Moreover, there are special discounts for students owning ESNcards:
• Beer Żywiec 0,5l - 6 zł (also on any other day of the week – 7 zł), 
• Shot of Finlandia 40 ml - 7 zł,
• Shot of Flavored Vodka Soplica 40 ml - 6 zł, 
• Plain shot - 5 zł,
• Tray of shots (6 shots | 40 ml) - 15zł, 
• Vodka + Soft (juice or other beverages) - 10zł, 
• Tatanka - 10 zł 
• Vodka with Black - 12 zł,
• Finlandia 0,7 l with juice 1 l 90 zł,
• Finlandia 0,5 l with juice 1 l 60 zł,
• Whisky The Famous Grouse with Pepsi - 10 zł
• sticks, peanuts or chips - 4 zł
• free cloakroom

Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know amazing people from all over the world, pick up your language and have the time of your life!

20/03/2017 - 20:30