Hey Fellas!

Another monday, another TANDEM meeting! However this time we've prepared fo you something special....The rules are pretty simple and the prize worth the effort :D Sounds interesting? YES IT IS! 

What is it all about?
On the entrance you'll get a half of the card, you need to find another person with the matching half and together get your free shot at the bar. 
Nothing more!

MIX both things you like, meet new people and get a shot for free!*
*the amount of prizes is limited, so don't come too late:)

The rules are simple: there is a flag hung above the table or a paper with the name of the language written. All you have to do is to join the table with the language you’re interested in and start talking!

When? – every Monday – 8.30 p.m.
Where? – Klub Pod Jaszczurami
How much? – obviously FOR FREE

Moreover, there are special discounts for students owning ESNcards:
• Beer Żywiec 0,5l - 6 zł (also on any other day of the week – 7 zł), 
• Shot of Finlandia 40 ml - 7 zł,
• Shot of Flavored Vodka Soplica 40 ml - 6 zł, 
• Plain shot - 5 zł,
• Tray of shots (6 shots | 40 ml) - 15zł, 
• Vodka + Soft (juice or other beverages) - 10zł, 
• Tatanka - 10 zł 
• Vodka with Black - 12 zł,
• Finlandia 0,7 l with juice 1 l 90 zł,
• Finlandia 0,5 l with juice 1 l 60 zł,
• Whisky The Famous Grouse with Pepsi - 10 zł
• sticks, peanuts or chips - 4 zł
• free cloakroom

See you on Monday!

08/05/2017 - 20:30