WHAT: Can You Read My Lips?
WHEN: March 23, 18:30
WHERE: Dziórawy Kocioł, Grodzka 50/1 Street

Have you ever wondered how it is like to not be able to hear anything? For many people it is their everyday routine. ESN Kraków United presents you an opportunity to see for yourself how to communicate without making any sound! 
On March 23, we will play Whisper Challenge game! What is it about? It demands splitting into pairs; one person wearing headphones with extremely loud music. It will be loud enough for them not to hear the outside world. The other person whispers some phrases. Guessing what the phrase is may be quite difficult but it brings a lot of fun!

Sounds like one of those events you just can’t miss out on? If interested, please complete the form.

See you on Thursday!

ExchangeAbility & SocialErasmus COORDINATORS: 
Weronika Wilk, Agnieszka Mach – ESN UEK
Dominika Karwowska, Piotr Kotkowski – ESN UJ
Janusz Mączka, – ESN PK 
Justyna Plich, - ESN AGH

23/03/2017 - 18:30 to 21:30