Wash away your troubles with some fluffy bubbles !!!

WHEN: 17.05.2017 (Wednesday), start: 22:00
WHERE: LOKAL Club, Rynek Główny 6
HOW MUCH: Free entry with the password "THIS IS ESN"

Do you remember being a child and loving bubbles?! So do we! That’s why we want you to join us and spend some incredible moments full of foam! Take a bath with bubbles, get to know great people and immerse yourself in the most brilliant atmosphere! We can’t wait to see how you dance while having a real foam under your feet!
See you soon! 

Enjoy some special discounts at the bar:
Beer: Leżajsk 5 PLN, Żywiec 7 PLN
Ballanties + Pepsi: 8 PLN
Vodka + soft: 10 PLN

You will never regret time spent blowing bubbles! Why don’t you come over for some bubblicious fun?!

17/05/2017 - 22:00