Education & Youth

 ESN acts in the field of Education&Youth by supporting informal education, promoting mobility and encouraging active citizenship. In our actions we take care of bringing the voice of youth to paries responsible for estaplishing youth policies on the national and european level. We are the advocates of youth in Europe.

Education&youth Ambassador is responisble for promoting student mobilities together with Local Education Officers, who are in contact with their Universities and International Relations Offices. Ambassador works also with the National Erasmus+ Agency by coordinating various events and trainings concerning the Erasmus Programme.

Through cooperation with institutional partners, like IRO's Forum, "Perspektywy" Foundation or European Commission we represent the youth, we take part in processes establishing the direction of multiple projects and initatives, including the most important - Erasmus+ Programme. We create the guidelines, give feedback, create strategy. We are present on each level of policy-making starting with preparations, through actions and ending with conclusions in order to create foundations for development. A great example of such actions is the ESNsurvey, the project that aims at gathering information on problems that european youth is currently facing and forwarding it to the organs having a real impact on implementing the changes

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