It’s a pleasure and privilege to introduce you to the ESN UJ Culture Team!

The city you chose for your Erasmus can be easily called the cultural capital of Poland. Cracow offers so many cultural possibilities that we do our best to show you as much as it’s possible during your stay here. We keep our eyes open for the best events, exhibitions, festivals, museums etc. so you have a wide choice of things you want to see and do. We don’t want you to get bored with only sightseeing, so we organize events like the Communism Tour, Drinking Behaviour or the bicycle trip to Tyniec. We are also very proud to be involved in the project called ESN Drama which concentrates people keen on theater and acting and we do prepare a play together at the end of the semester. Furthermore, we are interested in your culture, customs and cuisine so we organize National Evenings. During such an evening you guys, all from one country, gather together and show us whatever you want about your country. We wanna know as much as possible so it gives you a lot of possibilities to show us part of your culture, we don’t know yet. Does it sound like fun? I think so wink

See you all on the events!