At Garden Sport – Sport School, we pride ourselves on our ambitious and innovative
training solutions, delivered by our hand selected training professionals. wants to go against 
the increasing demands of the modern man to his own activity. We are pleased to offer you 
instructional services of the highest quality, in disciplines such as downhill and cross-country 
skiing. All services are delivered taking full advantage of our experience, knowledge and 
skills, helping us offer interesting and safe programs. The foundations of our services are 
built on the quality of our trainers. All our trainers are certified SITN- PZN professionals (Ski 
instructors and Trainers Association under the Polish Ski Association). 
We would like to offer you the possibility of taking the part in sport activities offered by 
Garden Sport. Our wide range of training services include : 
Pre-season ski trainings 
During our training professional Skier’s Edge ski-machines are used. This is a new generation 
of Skier's Edge machines which perfectly simulates the smooth rhythmic movements of 
skiing. It is perfect both for beginner and expert skiers. The higher degree slope adds not only 
challenge to ski all terrain, but also teaches proper technique, balance and coordination. 
Refine turns while building stamina and strength. Capture the feeling of steeper mountains, 
deeper powder and bigger bumps. 
A one-day ski trips with SITN-PZN instructors
During the ski season we offer one-day ski trips (departing at 8:00 a.m., returning at 5:00 
p.m.) to a variety of polish ski resorts (Kluszkowce, Lubomierz, Białka Tatrzańska, Koninki). 
Participants will be divided into groups and will be improving their technique under the care 
of our qualified instructors. 
Cross-country skiing training with SITN-PZN instructor 
Training takes place on prepared pistes (i.e. Niepołomice for advanced groups or Juvenia 
Kraków stadium for beginners). From spring to autumn there is a possibility for training on 
Ski camp during winter break (optional) 
Consultation with sport psychologist 
These days, the mental ability of sports people is considered as import as their physical 
ability. At Garden Sport we are able to offer you psychological support and specialized 
psychological, skills training which help you improve your sport performance. Methods used 
during the mental training are adjusted to the individual needs of our Clients and their psycho-
physical abilities. The mental training includes: increasing the achievement motivation and 
motivation to trainings; support for the natural predispositions to the discipline; ideomotor 
training (which help with faster, easier and more successful learning of techniques and sport 
skills during trainings); work with the anxiety connected to the sport situations; prevention of 
stress and its negative consequences; work with concentration, focus of attention; rational
plans creation; work with self-esteem and confidence stability (not only in sport); consulting
the problems connected with non-sport activity.
Organization of ski competitions on the slopes of Lesser Poland (optional) 
Professional conduct competitions with FIS license poles and professional electronic timing. 
Tennis lessons 
We use modern techniques and training methods which allows the systematic development of 
players and will guarantee the highest quality of service. After several meetings, the 
participants felt satisfied with the style of play, which is reflected in their satisfaction and the 
pleasure experienced during the game. Duration, training methodology and frequency of 
meetings are adjusted to individual needs, mental and physical abilities of players. 
Visiting Cracow and precincts in sporty way 
There is so much to see in Cracow (and Cracow precincts) and You don’t want to walk? Why 
not to go sightseeing on a bike or roller-skates? We would like to show You most beautiful 
spots – these popular and these which aren’t in guide books. 
 If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us. 
For any questions and doubts please call us - +48 603 676 222 or send an e-mail – We invite you to visit our website and our 
We look forward to the possibility of working together.